Launched in May 2017 Valle&Vik is a London based accessible luxury womenswear brand that delivers style transcending dress codes, destinations and even generations. Redefining relaxed Scandinavian glamour, V&Vs pared back silhouettes showcase folk-art inspired prints and brilliant colours splashed on perfectly cut luxurious silk.

Each piece is crafted to offer wearers versatility, wearability & distinctiveness - it’s about creating the wear anywhere (forever) dress - a true sartorial comfort blanket.

As the opposite of fast fashion Valle&Vik’s beautifully conceived designs are true investment pieces, offered at an accessible price.

All our prints are created in London by founder Silje Vallevik reflecting her background in fine art and her Norwegian heritage - ensuring a distinctive yet timeless feel throughout each collection.

“I've always loved prints, colours and the effect of wearing certain clothes have on my mood, attitude and confidence. Having spent years looking for those perfect, individual pieces, I wanted to create a brand that would be distinctive yet timeless, with that little extra something.

I founded valle&vik with the aim to create those easy, effortless pieces you need in your wardrobe, using only the best quality materials but at a fair price. The go-to things you throw on and feel great in, whether you’re on the beach, at a cocktail party or meeting friends for brunch in the city.”

- Silje Vallevik, Founder


Norwegian born - London based designer Silje Vallevik's background is reflected in the sense of colour and composition in her designs. Following studies at art school in Norway, Silje embarked on a modelling career, living between New York, London and Paris continuing to study art throughout. She has exhibited her art at shows in both the UK and France.

Silje draws her main print inspiration from Scandinavian culture by mixing the traditional with a contemporary urban vibe.
She is especially influenced by the Norwegian folk costumes and their classic embroideries and prints that she saw growing up in southern Norway.

The collections also mirrors her love of art and global travels in the relaxed elegance of the cut and the rich colours of her designs.


The collection is made entirely from 100% EOKO-TEX certified silks and organic cotton.

Digital Prints

We’ve chosen digital printing to reduce fabric waste and allow the flexibility to have small runs of production. Digital printing reduces water waste because the fabric doesn’t need as many wash/ rinse cycles, and there are no screens or colorant baths that require cleaning and release many harsh chemicals. Instead of forcing garment pieces to fit into a print, we can adjust a print to fit our garment pieces, reducing our overall fabric use.


Continuing with our commitment to sustainability and creating beauty with a conscience, we make an effort to support smaller factories that prioritises fair treatment of workers and artisans, and aim to minimise waste and energy usage wherever possible. Our main production is led by an entirely female team and Silje regularly conduct in-person factory visits to ensure that the people producing our clothes are paid fairly, treated respectfully, and working in safe conditions